SoundEar 3 Series takes Noise Control to the Next Level

Make sure you live up to noise regulations and provide a safe work environment

What our Customers use the SoundEar 3 Series for:

  • Reducing Noise Levels through Visualization
  • Monitoring, Analyzing and Comparing Noise Levels
  • Complying with Noise Regulations
  • Providing Documentation on Noise Levels
  • Receiving Automated Noise Reports
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Where, why and how to use the SoundEar 3 Series


The SoundEar 3 Series is used for measuring, monitoring and documenting noise levels in many different settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Industrial companies
  • External noise: road traffic noise, noise from construction sites, and noise from nightlife (e.g. bars, restaurants and music venues)


The main reason our customers have for using the SoundEar 3 Series is that they want to control noise levels.

The SoundEar 3 features our customers find most important are:

  • Visual Noise Warning Sign
  • Simple overview of live noise levels
  • Automated noise reports
  • Access to historical noise data
  • Monitoring multiple locations


The SoundEar 3 Series can be used as:

  • A simple stand alone, in which you use one SoundEar 3 device to monitor noise levels in one specific location.
  • A complete noise monitoring system that uses multiple SoundEar 3 devices to monitor noise levels in multiple locations, such as.:
    • several rooms at a hospital wing
    • multiple locations in an industrial- or construction company
    • multiple points along a high-traffic road.

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for hospital noise

  • Visualize noise in the hospital
  • Analyze and compare Noise Levels from multiple
    • Patient Rooms
    • Operating Rooms
    • Common Areas, etc.
  • Receive automated Noise Reports for each shift, day or week
Control hospital noise


SoundEar3-310 and SoundEar3 XL

for industrial noise

  • Noise warning sign reminds everyone to use hearing protection
  • Monitor current noise levels
  • Analyze and provide documentation for noise levels
  • Receive email alarms, when noise levels reach critical levels
Control industrial noise


for external noise

  • Monitor current outdoor noise levels, e.g. from:
    • Nightlife (Bars, Music Venues, Restaurants, etc.)
    • Construction Sites
    • Traffic
  • Comply with noise regulations
  • Provide documentation for noise levels
Control external noise


Above, we have categorized the products of the SoundEar 3 Series based on where they are most typically being used. Of course, there are several other situations in which you can use the different products.

If you are not sure which type of SoundEar 3 product you need for your specific situation, please fill out your contact info below. One of our noise consultants will get in contact with you and help you find the right solution for your needs.

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