SoundEar II helps you reduce noise levels

Less noise and interruptions will improve concentration, lower stress levels and reduce the risk of hearing impairments.

Why our customers like SoundEar II:

  • Reduces noise levels by making noise visual
  • When the ear flashes red you instinctively know to quiet down
  • You no longer need to hush at people to get peace and quiet
  • Improves the wellbeing of patients and staff at hospitals (better sleep, faster recovery, less stress)

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effects of visualizing noise in the hospital

More quiet time

“Sound-activated noise meters seem effective
in reducing sound levels in patient care areas (…) There was a statistically significant increase in the percentage of levels below 50 dB in all patient care areas.”

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit / Ontario, Canada

Read the full research paper here

Noise reduction sustained over time

”The device acted as an isolated intervention to significantly reduce night-time ambient and peak sound levels, a change that was sustained after a four-month period.”

Adult Critical Care Unit / Preston, UK

Read the full research paper here

Noise reduction causes less postoperative complications

“Noise levels were reduced from 63 dB(A) to 59 dB(A). This significantly lowered the number of postoperative complications.”

Pediatric Operation Theatre / Hannover, Germany

Read the abstract of the research paper here

Where, Why and How to Use SoundEar II


SoundEar II can be used when you want to reduce noise by making it visible. It is most often used in hospitals, but also in:

  • Fitness Centres
  • Open Plan Offices
  • Schools/Class Rooms
  • Music Venues

If you also want to conduct research or gain insights into the actual noise levels, we recommend using the SoundEar3-300 noise monitor.


Even in small dosages noise can affect our concentration, our ability to acquire knowledge and our stress levels. Creating awareness and reminding everyone to quiet down are effective ways of reducing noise levels.

The SoundEar II features that are most often highlighted by our customers are:

  • Makes noise visual: making everyone aware of when they need to quiet down
  • Creates awareness: often you have not even realized that you are too loud.


  1. To start using your SoundEar II, use the wheel on the back of the device to set what noise level you want the ear to flash red at.
  2. Next, find a visible spot on the wall to place it. Avoid placing it close to any sound absorbent materials such as soft fabrics or close to any noisy machinery, because it can affect the noise measurements.
  3. Connect the SoundEar to power and start enjoying the benefits of a quieter atmosphere.

Get started reducing noise levels with SoundEar II

Product Information

If you want to have a closer look at how to use SoundEar II, you can download the user manual here.

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