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Types of Noise

Types of Noise When categorizing noise, there are generally four main types: continuous, intermittent, impulsive, and low-frequency. The main differentiating factor between these types is how the noise changes with time. Let’s now discuss in detail the different types of noise that surround us all. Continuous Noise As is obvious by the name, continuous noise […]

Measuring Sound

Measuring Sound The amplitude of a sound wave can be described in many ways. It is important to remember that not all sounds are the same, and hence the methods used to characterize the loudness of sound differ significantly from one another depending on the type of sound wave. Since noise and its harmful health […]

Decibel Scale

Decibel Scale When looking at the most versatile and amazingly sound devices, nothing can compare to the human ear. With its ingenious internal mechanisms and physiology, the human ear can adjust its sensitivity to increasing sound levels and handle a vast array of sound power levels. In short, this astounding piece of natural machinery can […]