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SoundEar displays the COVID-19 patient alarm signal outside the patient room

As the COVID pandemic spread in the United States, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston became a regional epicenter for acute COVID patients. The number of patients increased, and MGH had respirators donated by the surrounding hospitals to meet the need. However, the alarms on the new ventilators could not be surveilled on the existing […]

Noise prevention at work is successful

A study shows that noise issues at workplaces can be helped by taking the necessary precautions. The study from Aarhus University Hospital, shows that rules and legislation on noise control in Denmark has been successful. Among other results, the study shows that the use of hearing protection at noisy workplaces has worked. The employees that […]

5 tips to reduce noise in the Industrial Sector

Noise in the industrial sector is an increasing issue, not only for employees but also for people living close to noisy companies. Noise can ruin a healthy work environment, which is why there are guidelines as to how much noise, you can be exposed to, when you are at work. In this blog post we […]