Noise prevention at work is successful

A study shows that noise issues at workplaces can be helped by taking the necessary precautions.

The study from Aarhus University Hospital, shows that rules and legislation on noise control in Denmark has been successful. Among other results, the study shows that the use of hearing protection at noisy workplaces has worked.

The employees that are most exposed to noise are better at using hearing protection now than earlier, and on top of that, the workplaces have managed to reduce noise levels. This means that workplace noise levels are lower now than ever before.


If noise levels reach 85 dB(A) you are required by law to use hearing protection. This means that it is necessary to be aware of noise levels, and of when hearing protection is required. One way of achieving this is by measuring noise levels at the workplace with a SoundEar, which measures, analyses and localizes noise. This way, it is possible to prevent hearing damage with employees in multiple sectors.

Measures must be taken to reduce noise, and localize noise, so that it is not harmful to work in a noisy environment.

Noise prevention initiatives worked

The study by Aarhus University Hospital concludes, that noise prevention initiatives have worked. The research focused on employees, who work on a daily basis in a noisy work environment. Noise levels have dropped in 10 out of the 11 studied sectors. Some of the studied employees include kindergarten teachers, demolition workers and employees in the industrial sector.

The study shows that in 2001 70% of the employees used hearing protection, and in 2010 the number had increased to 76%. Furthermore, noise levels in the 11 studied sectors has diminished, ensuring a better work environment for employees.

If you need tips on lowering noise levels at your workplace, look at our infographic, that illustrates how to adapt the workspace to ensure a better work environment and a lower noise level.


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