5 tips to reduce noise at hospitals

You can experience noise in many places, because noise can stem from almost anything. Noise is also present at hospitals even though most people would say that they make an effort to speak less loud, precisely because they are at a hospital.

Small sounds can lead to noise

It is not only people talking that can lead to noise. A contributing factor to noise at hospitals may be that employees are busy. Noise can present itself as constant sounds or sudden, loud sounds. Noise can stem from the wheels of a cart being pushed around hospital corridors, or drawers being opened and closed, or from electronic equipment and alarms.

It is important to reduce noise levels at hospitals, because loud sounds can be stressful to both staff and patients.

Patients as well as staff are affected by noise, and we have collected 5 tips for you to reduce hospital noise.

5 tips to reduce hospital noise:

– Place cabinets and drawers in rooms where they will not bother patients

– Keep doors closed to avoid noise from spreading from one room to another

– Use partitions between beds in rooms with more than one patient

– If you need to talk or make a phone call, use visitor areas or other areas, separated from patient rooms

– Consider using signs that encourage people to be quiet when visiting certain parts of the hospital

If you want more tips on how to avoid noise at hospitals, look at the guide (in Danish).


Links: Indeklimaportalen.dk

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