Noise in open office spaces can lead to stress

Noise in open office spaces can be a problem. A study from Sydney University shows that employees are drained of energy when noise levels at work are too high. It is a proven fact, that it is harmful to be exposed to high noise levels for a longer period of time.

Work environment in open office spaces

When noise levels become too high, it is an issue, and this is often the case when working in an open office space. Noise can lead to stress and stress-like symptoms, that are not healthy. The condition can lead to anxiety and affect the ability to concentrate.  A study from the Danish Technical University (DTU) shows that the capacity for work in office employees diminishes by 10 to 15%, when noise is introduced.

The study shows, that 60% of employees in the biggest open office spaces in Copenhagen complained about noise levels at their place of work.

Too loud noise levels have been an issue in open office spaces for a long time. But these open office spaces are still prevalent, and you may wonder if the noise issue is being addressed properly.

There can be several reasons for choosing to have a lot of employees together in one office space. One reason can be economy, because it is cheaper for the employer to have several employees in one room. Another reason can be that it may further the sharing of knowledge, when you work close to your co-workers.

Reduce noise levels in open offices

It is important to lower noise levels in open office spaces, because a great number of employees are bothered by noise. One step towards reducing noise levels in open office spaces, is to use a noise meter. Once you are aware of the actual noise levels you are exposed to in the office, it is easier to lower the noise levels. Afterwards, it is beneficial to look at adapting the office space with this infographic, so that a nice and calm work environment can be achieved.




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