T-Systems recommends Noise Guide to reduce office noise

Noise Guide in office

When it comes to reducing office noise levels, one concern is the noise stemming from conversations, and this is where the Noise Guide excels.

The German IT services and consulting company, T-Systems, decided to introduce open plan offices, and as part of this process introduced several initiatives to help prevent the nuisances of office noise in the new open plan offices.

A main initiative, and one that they would recommend to other companies with open plan offices, was to install Noise Guides in the offices. Employees use the Noise Guides as a visual reminder to keep down their own and workmates’ noise levels. Regine Weller says:

“We would definitely recommend the Noise Guide for all open plan offices. They are an important tool to achieving self-control in regards to noise.”

Regine Weller further explains that the Noise Guides help employees become aware of their own noise levels, and when colleagues in the team cause the sensor on the Noise Guide to turn red, they simply make a kind remark to keep down their voices.

The new open plan offices at T-Systems were introduced at a time when issues about office noise was already well-known and heavily debated. So T-Systems did what they could to reduce any such issues beforehand. Some of the initiatives included setting up partitions in the offices to prevent the noise from travelling too far. They also decided to put up sound absorbent pictures on the walls to help reduce office noise, and carefully considered the location of different employees and teams in the offices.

These were practical solutions to help lower the general noise levels in the offices through physical planning of the office environment, but they needed a device to help them lower noise from people. The Noise Guides complement these initiatives by serving as a constant reminder for each employee and each team to keep down their own voices. The Noise Guides help employees regulate their own and workmates’ behavior, thereby causing the noise levels for the entire office to lower.

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4 thoughts on “T-Systems recommends Noise Guide to reduce office noise

  1. Tim says:

    This is a great idea. I work in an open office and this would be SO helpful. Too many conversations resulting in loads of lost productivity. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deb Pearl says:

    My workplace is really loud, and we have no idea how we can make the office quieter. That is really cool that noise guides can help employees become aware of their own noise levels. I wonder if we could get something similar in our office.

    • Sofie Iversen says:

      Hi Deb,
      Yes, it is nice that Noise Guide can help people gain a quieter office simply through making employees aware of the noise. Let me know if I should set you in contact with one of our distributors.
      Best regards,

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