SoundEar in place – at Audi

AUDI uses SoundEar II

Audi is using SoundEar II Industry to focus on noise levels in the working environment.

Audi, like other big German businesses, has its own dual vocational training department. Situated in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, more than 2,600 trainees are working as part of a beginning career at Audi.

Audi has chosen to focus on noise levels not only in their cars, but also in their vocational training department as well as in their painting department in Ingolstadt, which is also a workplace for trainees. Audi is working on creating awareness about the risk of hearing loss and how it can be prevented. The focus on the education department is due to the company’s effort to draw attention to noise levels in the working environment right from the start of a career at Audi.

Results: Everybody can ‘see’ the noise.

Audi has made a simple solution which shows the noise levels. They opted out the possibilities of monitoring data over time using statistics. They simply ‘show the noise’ and have experienced a self-regulating behaviour when trainees are keeping an eye on the installed sound monitoring equipment. The effect is that they tend to use earmuffs more, when they can see that sound levels are high.
Audi uses the SoundEar II Industry to monitor sound levels. The SoundEar omits a clear warning signal if ear protection is required, hereby visualizing noise in a very easily understandable way.


What is the situation at your workplace?

We are interested in your experience concerning the situation at your workplace? Are people aware of noise in the work environment – or is there still a long way to go?

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