With a Professional and easy to understand Noise Monitoring System

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Why SoundEar is the answer to your noise issues:

  • Precise and reliable noise measurement
  • Visual warning when noise levels require hearing protection
  • Specialized software for monitoring and analysing noise data
  • Email notifications at critical noise levels
  • Wi-Fi and Cloud Connections

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Why noise is an issue

At construction sites and in industrial settings, noise can lead to complications for employees, such as hearing damage, stress and hearing loss.
Neighbors may launch complaints against your company due to elevated noise levels.

Why measuring noise is beneficial

Using a professional and precise noise monitoring device from SoundEar helps you to ensure that you are adhering to noise regulations, and that employees remember to use hearing protection.

Noise as an indicator of machine operation

Noise is not only an issue for people. At times, noise or the absence of noise, may tell us whether or not machines are operating smoothly.
SoundEar devices can be used for machinery maintenance, allowing you to monitor machine operation through sound levels.
SoundEar 3 noise monitoring device. Model 310 for industrial and construction settings

I want to purchase a SoundEar!

SoundEar in Use

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