New office habits: We now approach the persons we need to talk to

New office habits creates less noise

At an administrative office at Silkeborg Forsyning in Denmark, the staff has had challenges with the noise level. They had a tendency of speaking with each other across the table which disturbed the others. Now they have introduced new office habits.

Clear noise signal

They decided to take up the challenge and acquired a Noise Guide which now clearly shows when the noise level at the office is too high. The ear on the device changes colours from green to yellow and read, depending on the actual noise level.
SoundEar Noise Guide
Kirstine Vestergaard Wolff explains that they have begun to approach the person they need to talk to rather than just talking across the tables. The new office habits was a natural result of introducing the Noise Guide at the office.

A pointer for other office workers

“Remember to talk about it and not just become annoyed”, is Kirstine’s advice for others with challenges with office noise.

She says that with the Noise Guide, it has become easier to let a colleague know if they are noisy or disruptive.

“It is no longer your own feelings you rely on. You can actually see that there is a problem. The noise has become visible”, Kirstine explains.

She also says that the Noise Guide acts as a kind of individual guideline, making it possible to see the actual noise level at the office before considering asking your colleagues to lower their voices.

Solve your office noise problems now

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